They lied.

Did they? The Annenberg Political Fact Check reviews White House administration statements quoted in an anti-war newspaper ad and finds that even if the factual basis of their precise words is debateable, their intent to deceive is not. They lied.

They started with what they needed people to believe in order to win support for a cynical and greed-fueled military agenda, and then grossly and perversely stretched a few threads of not-yet-disproven "intelligence" around their conceptual framework.

And now the United States is in true peril for the first time since the Cold War.


He didn't make it

baby squirrel

My friends took this fetal squirrel to the Alabama Wildlife Rescue Center at Oak Mountain State Park a couple of weeks ago. The good folks there did what they could, but he didn't survive. (On a side note, Oak Mountain is also a refuge for several evacuees from Hurricane Katrina)
Low Key response

Even on Tuesday, as still-rising waters covered most of New Orleans, FEMA official Bill Lokey sounded a reassuring note in a Baton Rouge briefing.

"I don't want to alarm everybody that, you know, New Orleans is filling up like a bowl," Lokey said. "That's just not happening."

- quoted in Katrina trapped city in double disasters by John McQuaid. New Orleans Times-Picayune. September 7, 2005.


Get on the Map

RefugeMap.org uses the Google Maps API to show locations of housing offered to Hurricane Katrina evacuees through Craig's List.

Also, the Red Cross is always a good bet for helping out.


7 Days Later

"Someday, the lights will come back on. The music will start back up. And life will go on. And I'll have ice in my glass again." - Marty Montgomery. 519 St. Philip Street, New Orleans, Louisiana