Ping Pong
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Where I'll be this weekend

Chevy Truck Superbike Championship Presented by Parts Unlimited, Sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, held at the Barber Motorsports Park.

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Downtown Birmingham.


What Do You Think?

'There's trouble in Iraq?! Quickly! To the unilateral- invasion-mobile!'


Hail to the Chef

"I once reached this point when I asked the then professor of astrophysics at Oxford to explain the origin of the universe to me," Richard Dwason said. 'He did so, and I posed my supplementary: 'Where did the laws of physics come from in the first place?' He smiled: 'Ah, now we move beyond the realm of science. This is where I have to hand over to our good friend the chaplain.' My immediate thought was, 'But why the chaplain? Why not the gardener or the chef?'"