There's a 46% Chance your State's Official Dance is the "Square Dance"

According to Wikipedia 22 of the 30 U. S. states that have enacted an Official State Dance have chosen to honor the "Square Dance". Exceptions to the rule include California (West Coast Swing), Hawai'i (Hula), North Caroline (Clogging), Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (Polka), South Carolina (the Shag), Texas (Texas Two-Step), and Vermont (The Justin).

Most of the Square Dancin' states have adopted it as the "Official Folk Dance" or "Official American Folk Dance", leaving room for the Macarena to be named "Official Ethnic Dance", the Lambada to be the "Official Dirty Dance" and the Robot to be the "Official Break Dance", but none so far have acted on those opportunities. South Carolina has covered all the bases by partnering the Shag with their Official State Waltz, the Richardson Waltz AND also giving into the Square Dance lobby by naming it the Official American Folk Dance of the state.