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Sipapuni: orifices of autochthony

Being a list of places where the races of men are reported to have emerged from the earth itself:

1. Shipap: The ancestors of the Acoma crawled from this hole like grasshoppers, naked, soft and unopened eyes. The Cochiti also used Shipap as an emerging place.
2. Flint Mountain, NM: Some ancestors of the Jicarilla Apache were born of the earth's womb here.
3. La Cueva, NM: Two caves in the cliffside above Oja Caliente Creek in Taos County served as the point of emergence for the Keres.
4. Ha'tc'ono'ndai: A place to the north of the Apache territory from where the White Mountain Apache emerged in the time of ancestors.
5. Nanih Waiya, MS: The Cha'hta, members of the Creek confederacy, emerged from a hole in this sloping mound near the Pearl River. The Chickasaw witnessed their emergence and were surprised. (N. 32.92147 W 88.94809)
6. Colombian river rapids: The Cubeo emerged from any of several openings near river rapids.
7. Kiva: Some Third Mesa Hopi emerged from this water-filled hole, near the confluence of the Colorado & Little Colorado, in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. (N 36.19189, W 111.80177)
8. Paccari-tambo: The Inca of Peru emerged from one of three holes in this cliff-side 20 miles north of Cuzco. Other lesser Inca may have used the flanking holes.
9. Nane Chaha: The Choctaw emerged from this hilltop.
10. Kuskehsawkich: The Iroquois emerged from a hole near these falls, now Oswego, before splitting into the five nations.
11. Mouth of the Missouri: The Mandan-Hidatsa originated from a hole in a bluff where the river met the ocean (the Missouri is joined by the Mississippi before flowing into the Gulf of Mexico at Louisiana)
12. Cerra Naztarny: The Navajo, Pueblo, Coyotera and some whites emerged from this place on the Rio San Juan.
13. Alamosa, CO (Great Sand Dunes): The Pajarita emerged from the inner earth at these dunes before migrating down the Rio Grande. Other ancestors of the Jicarilla Apache were also born of the earth's womb here. The Tewa's "Sip'ophe" or "Lake of the Dead" is located there, and served as their place of emergence from the underworld.
14. Brown Mountain, NC: Conceals a city populated by those who have not yet emerged. (N 36.45664, W 80.33203)
15. Cahawba: The Alibamu sprang from the ground between the Cahaba and Alabama Rivers.
16. Holsifa: The Alibamu may also have emerged from this bluff near the junction of the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers in Clarke County. (N 31.36404, W 87.76626)

Note: This list will be revised and refined over time.