Here are two more tidbits on corporate attitudes about water:

First, (via Pigs and Fishes) a cached page, formerly on a Coca-Cola site, describing their "H2-NO" program to discourage restaurant customers from choosing to drink tap water instead of more profitable (and Enjoy™-able) beverages.

Second, a report summary from the International Forum on Globalization describing the havoc being caused by the commercialization of water resources. The author, Maude Barlow, (a former senior advisor to Canada's Trudeau administration) advocates treating clean water as a human right rather than as a market commodity.

Such ideas fly in the face of today's corporate influenced "public" policy. Want a good example of such policy? Examples are easy to find, here's a lucid and penetrating historical critique of how corporations have restructured America's income tax for their own benefit. It was co-written by the brilliant economist Jonathan Rowe who has elsewhere proposed a fundamental redefinition of the GDP. At least somebody is thinking.

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