The University Carillon in Leuven

Is made up of 63 bells, the largest of which, known as the "Leuven Liberty Bell" weighs about seven tons. Concerts are played regularly by Luc Rombouts, the University Carilloneur or by guest musicians. The instrument was donated as part of the reconstruction of the library, funded mostly by American universities and academies who were heartbroken at the destruction of the historical university library by Axis troops in the first World War. The library was again heavily damaged in the second war (this time by an Allied bomb), but was repaired. The tower that houses the bells is replete with American imagery (eagles and stars) and dominates both the Ladeuzeplein and the Herbert Hooverplein.

The inscription on the No. 4 bell reads:

Interpres variae sum interpres vitae voce sonora :
Fortunam celebro sit bona sitve mala.
Sit pax in Terris, concordia regnet in orbe :
Ex alto cunctis haec pia vota cano.

[My voice reveals life's changes;
I celebrate fortune in good days and bad;
Let there be peace on the Earth, understanding around the globe;
This is my wish to all of you from this tower.]

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