For those looking for a useful review of "The Matrix: Reloaded," click here.

"The computer-created world that Neo is running around in is one that seems to be set in our present day, but it is one in which the current craze is talking philosophy which has caught on in much the same way the Twist caught on in the 1960s. That is everybody's doing it, nobody quite has the hang of it, and it just comes out silly. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) adds a tad more gravitas to the philosophy by talking in a deep voice."

In my opinion this one was meatier, but also fattier and overcooked. To a great extent when we're talking eye-candy and brain-bending deadpan revelations, more is better. When we're talking about jibba-jabba and hopeless attempts to untangle and re-weave plot threads, enough is enough. Call in a ruthless editor and then you'd have something to relish.

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