It's Unlawful to Boycott Israel - or even to comply with someone else's boycott.

Suppose you, as a freethinking American, have some deep dislike for the policies of the Israeli government - be it their institutionalized racism or the human rights violations that go with any war on domestic terrorism. Perhaps you would like to express yourself by boycotting Israeli products, so you go into the K-Mart take some of your purchases to the customer service desk and ask if any of them were made in Israel. Well, you just violated the law. And if K-Mart fails to report the incident, they could be penalized up to $50,000 and lose their export privileges. And you thought we had freedom of speech in this country...

For more information, read the U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security's Website - including examples of language that those filthy Arabs might try to sneak into a contract, which, if you sign, will bring the Feds down on your ass. Be warned!

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