Jimmy Montgomery (66, US Army, retired) on the execution of his mother's murderer yesterday at age 74

"I'd just as soon see the electric chair or the firing squad; it looked like he went kind of peaceful, just dozed off. I would have just loved to see him suffering a little more.'" - quoted by Manuel Roig-Franzia of the Washington Post

"I read in the paper this guy is sick. He's taking a dozen medicines, he's just barely living. If he's that sick, I'd be wanting to get out of this world,[...] I don't have any sympathy for him[...]If he dies tonight, he'll get exactly what he deserves, and I hope he feels some of the pain and misery he has put me and my family through for the past 30 years." - quoted by NBC-13 News / The Associated Press

"I didn't expect him to go as easy as he did today without saying something." - quoted by the Associated Press

"I personally was glad to see this part of our lives end today, and maybe we can get on down the road with some of the things we've been trying to do.[...]I'd just as soon see the electric chair still in use or maybe the firing squad. It seems like he just dozed off.[...]It's tough, I'm sure, sitting there seeing your daddy die, but it was tough - us getting the word that our mother's head had been blown off. - quoted by AL.com

"This guy was my mother's judge, jury and executioner in a matter of seconds.[...]I still dislike him just as much today as I did years ago. I was glad to see him go.[...]I didn't expect him to go as easy as he did today without saying something. He looked like he was quite comfortable on that gurney.[...]This is almost a joke. They tried him, retried him, and tried him again. They wore him out they tried him so much. There's not any doubt in my mind that the guy's guilty. I think our judicial system worries more about the guy that committed the crime than the people he victimized." - quoted by the Birmingham Post-Herald

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