Excerpts from the Club Libby Lu FAQ

What is a V.I.P.?
A V.I.P. is a Very Important Princess, and she's a super fabulous member of Club Libby Lu!

Why should I join the Club?
A rewards program card that gets you lots of freebies!
An official membership card key chain, good for V.I.P. only deals and events!
10% off all purchases made the day you join!
10% off all purchases every Tuesday!
Free gift on Wednesday if you're in a Girl Troop!
We'll mail you our V.I.P. newsletter!
We'll email you special offers and invitations to club events!
Access to our V.I.P. members only website!

How do I join the Club?
So you wanna join! Cool! It’s real easy and it’s totally FREE!!! But you must go to an actual store to join! Sorry! You can’t join online! We want to see you at the Club! Once you’re there, use the club computer located inside the store. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s FREE! By joining you get all sorts of cool stuff. You'll receive your V.I.P. membership card key chain at the Club when you first join.

Help! I lost my V.I.P Club Membership Card?
So you can't find your Club membership card and you want a new one?! No problem, next time you visit the Club just ask any Club Counselor to get you a new V.I.P. Club Membership Card.

How do I schedule a makeover party?
To ensure proper pampering, you must call the club nearest you to make an appointment for a makeover party. Sorry, you cannot make appointments through the internet. The Price of Fame is $20-30 per girl.

How can I be a model for Club Libby Lu?
Sorry Girlfriend! We currently do not accept applications for modeling.

I want to work at a local Club Libby Lu?
It's easy girlfriend! Just go to the Club nearest you and pick up an application! The minimum age that we hire for our Club Counselor positions at the Club is 16 years old. To inquire about job opportunities within our Chicago based Wish Factory, please send your resume to: careers@clublibbylu.com

Does Club Libby Lu offer gift-wrapping?
Our super fabulous purse bag comes with every purchase, and makes really cool gift wrapping.

How can I open my own Club Libby Lu?
As of May 6th, 2003, we are now a wholly owned subsidiary of Saks Department Store Group. We are unable to offer any franchise opportunities.

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