Off the Island

"Is there a building you really hate? One that makes your life a misery? A building in your local area that is so badly designed and built that you would like to see it demolished?

"Now [BBC] Channel 4 have a solution -- a new four-part series, Demolition, which will allow viewers to nominate their most hated building and see one of the country's worst buildings erased.

"The series, which will be presented by Kevin McCloud and will transmit this autumn, will create a shortlist of hated buildings chosen by viewers. A team of experts, including President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), George Ferguson, will then judge each of these buildings on its design and construction -- and, most importantly, whether it fulfils the purpose for which it was created. Plans for what goes in its place will be carefully considered as will the feasibility of its demolition. The 'winner' will then be demolished at the end of the series.

"The series aims to kick start a national debate about the built environment, about architecture and how bad buildings come to be built. After the demolition, the process of designing and constructing a replacement building will begin and a subsequent programme is planned to follow that process."

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