I've been discussing the poor today. In the context of social justice and global economics on one hand, and in the context of Biblical exegesis and faith and hope on the other. The European Union is committed in their inter-European agreements on trade liberalization to channel a large percentage of their operations budget toward 'conversion' and 'cohesion' - meaning that it is in the interest of all parties to reduce discrepancies and inequalities between different regions of Europe. This is a topic which has, as far as I know, escaped the rhetoric on global free trade. The basic problem is that in an unregulated environment, the strong overtake the weak. Coca-cola, for example, gets marketed to a billion Indians before they get a chance to generate their own production and marketing apparatus. Indian products, mostly raw materials, become cheaper without export levies and so, again, Coke gets to reap the profits of buying their tea leaves for less and selling iced tea to a bigger market.

I don't think I'll get into the Biblical exegesis tonight. I did want to mention, in regards to democratic access to the global liberalization of trade, that the World Bank has cancelled its planned meeting in Barcelona. Instead, they will meet behind secure servers in cyberspace. You know, cyberspace, the great democratizer where all voices can be heard... and apparently even more can be silenced.

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