There's an interesting story that was researched by a [dreadlocked] reporter from the Guerilla News Network that begins with an ad agency not returning some designs made by one of their consultants, progresses to the agency's violation of their contract with the consultant, then to copyright infringement by the Coca-Cola Corporation, then suddenly to espionage, tampering with the federal courts, intimidation, and now a potential $4 Billion liability that has been in litigation since 1997 and has now been submitted to the Supreme Court for review of potential collusion in the 7th Circuit of Appeals. The fact that major media outlets are NOT reporting this story, and that even the SEC has never received proper notice of the potential liability from Coca-Cola is a bit worrying. The facts of how the case proceeded through the district court, heard by a judge with a startlingly bad record, are positively repugnant to the idea of equal protection and due process regardless of the actual merit of the charges.

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