Pardon My French Freedom

From this week's "Get Your War On":

Man on Phone: "Just promise me one thing. Promise me that when you hear Saddam is dead, you'll stop moaning about this war for a moment and think of all the people that odious motherfucker killed. Raise a glass to his victims."
Second Man: "You know what? Don't give me that shit. I know when to grieve and for whom. Our sanctions made Saddam stronger and his victims weaker. And somehow, mentioning this fact to people over the years made me a 'hippy?' I'm a middle manager who doesn't like the smell of marijuana! Meanwhile Donald Rumsfeld is about to be treated as a humanitarian liberator! You don't need to tell me who to 'raise a glass to,' you fucking idiot -- I raise six glasses every night, just to get drunk enough to love this country like I did as a kid: without feeling like it's using me.
First Man: "Come on, I was trying to have a moment!"

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