To: bobney@bobney.org
Subject: freedom fries

Representative Ney,

I think the renaming of "french fries" in House eateries on behalf of your committee is ridiculous. President Chirac's position regarding UN Security Council resolutions is a principled stance reflecting the interests of the people he represents, both as President of France and as the leader of a UN Member Country. It is the United States that is threatening world security both directly, by pledging offensive attacks, and indirectly, by undermining the charter of the United Nations. In no objective way can the position of France be interpreted as treasonous to the friendship it has enjoyed with the United States (since the American Revolution, you will recall). It is, instead, clear that France's actions reflect a commitment to justice and peaceful means of coercion that are sadly lacking in the reigning administration in Washington.

If "French Fries" is offensive, it is only so because it gives short shrift to the contribution of the Belgians to our national cuisine.


John Morse

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