New Ad Campaign Uses Animation to Focus on Benefits of Oven Roasting

(Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 25, 2003) Underscoring its core brand equity of oven roasting, a point of differentiation since the brand’s inception, Arby’s, Inc, d/b/a Triarc Restaurant Group, has launched a new national advertising campaign featuring an animated character, Oven Mitt. The focal point of the campaign, which debuts on March 2nd, is Arby’s consumer-driven brand message: Unlike other chains that fry or grill, Arby’s roast beef is - and always has been - oven roasted in their restaurants for three full hours.

"This campaign underscores our understanding that oven roasting is our point of differentiation for consumers who are looking for higher quality, fresher foods," said Michael Howe, Arby’s President and CEO. "Our continued focus on our core equity, and the Company’s ability to communicate it clearly, gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

Motivated by the desire to further connect with customers, Oven Mitt features the entertaining voice of Tom Arnold. Emotional about food that is “Oven Fresh… Oven Good,” Oven Mitt sings to Arby’s new Italian Beef n’ Provolone sandwich and gives motivational speeches to his fellow crewmembers. The spots take place in an Arby’s kitchen and utilize the power of animation to get through the clutter and spotlight the time and care that goes into making Arby’s sandwiches.

The fully integrated national campaign includes two :30 commercials on cable TV, in addition to radio, print, POP and promotions. Created by Doner Advertising in Detroit, the largest independent advertising agency in the United States, the campaign reinforces the positive emotional connection that consumers have with roasting.

Prior to creating the campaign, Doner used exploratory qualitative research to target consumer trends and perceptions. Their research showed that consumers respect and desire food that is prepared in an oven. Oven roasting also was synonymous with special occasions, comfort, and home cooking.

"In an environment where consumers are looking for food they can feel good about eating, Arby’s has created an advertising campaign that can extend and deepen the relationship we have with our customers," said John Lauck, president of Arby’s Franchisee Association (AFA). "We feel confident that our new campaign will enhance consumer’s perceptions regarding our brand and our oven roasted sandwiches."

So the answer to the immortal question "Who are the ad-wizards that came up with that one?" is Doner Advertising of Detroit, Michigan. I guess they're the ones that chose Tom Arnold to provide the voice, too.

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