Centennial Light WebCam

Check and see if the bulb at the Livermore Fire Department has finally burned out. Some background info:

Experts from 'Ripley's Believe it or Not', The Guinness Book of World Records, and General Electric have concluded that the light bulb has been burning continuously since 1901 (with the exception of power failutes and three times for moving to another station). The light bulb was manufactured by Shelby Electric Company and was hand blown with a carbon filament.

According to Mrs. Zylpha Bernal Beck (born 1884), the bulb was donated to the Fire Department by her father, Dennis Bernal, in 1901. Mr. Bernal owned the Livermore Power and Water Company and donated the bulb when he sold the company. This has been supported by several volunteer firefighters of that era.

There is a widespread interest in the lightbulb, visitors have come to see it from every state in the Union, and from many foreign countries.

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