Hot off the Fax Machine

According to an unsolicitied fax I received today, you'd be a fool not to invest in 3DIcon Corp. (formerly First Keating Corp.), headed by Martin Keating -- Yes, THAT Martin Keating, co-producer of "The Buddy Holly Story", author of "The Final Jihad" and brother of former Oklahoma Governor and critic of the Catholic Church Frank Keating.

"3DIcon is standing where Sony was 20 yrs ago with the VCR...Apple with the PC and Microsoft with it's [sic] Windows operating software 20yrs ago!"

"The largest full-color, 360-degree hologram that we know of has been on display and working 24/7 for years...the Aurora Borealis!"

"The new holographic communications industry, fueled by astonishing technologies, promises to be bigger and vastly more significant than the Industrial Revolution and today's internet combined!"

The friggin' INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION is about to be TRUMPED, folks. You've got to get in on this now! Did I mention the low entry price and their research and development partnership with the University of Oklahoma! The INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. The INTERNET! NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

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