The March of Dimes

Last November, Representative Mark Souder of Indiana introduced a bill, H.R. 3633, "To provide for dime coins to bear the likeness of President Ronald Reagan, the Freedom President, in honor of his work in restoring American greatness and bringing freedom to captive nations around the world."

Perhaps this is not the place to go into detail on America's greatness and contributions to freedom during the 1980's. The strength of this site is much more the "silly list" approach. So in that spirit, I bring you the "DystopiaBox List of Portraits on US Money:"

Amount : Honoree : Political Affiliation : Nickname(s)

Cent : Abraham Lincoln : Republican : The Great Emancipator
Nickel : Thomas Jefferson : Democratic Republican : Sage of Monticello
Dime : Franklin Roosevelt : Democrat : FDR
Quarter : George Washington : Federalist : Father of his Country
Half Dollar : John Kennedy : Democrat : Jack
Dollar : Sacagawea : Shoshone : Squaw
Dollar : George Washington : Federalist : American Fabius
Two Dollars : Thomas Jefferson : Democratic Republican : Long Tom
Five Dollars : Abraham Lincoln : Republican : Railsplitter
Ten Dollars : Alexander Hamilton : Federalist : Mr. Secretary
Twenty Dollars: Andrew Jackson : Democrat : Old Hickory
Fifty Dollars : Ulysses Grant : Old Three Stars
Hundred Dollars : Benjamin Franklin : Quaker (Federalist) : Poor Richard
Five Hundred Dollars : William McKinley : Republican : Prosperity's Advance Agent
One Thousand Dollars : Grover Cleveland : Democrat : Man of Destiny
Five Thousand Dollars : James Madison : Democratic Republican : Father of the Constitution
Ten Thousand Dollars : Salmon Chase : Free-Soil : Attorney General for Runaway Slaves
Hundred Thousand Dollars : Woodrow Wilson : Democrat : The Scholar in Politics

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