Elvis had 'The Jungle Room.' T.O. has 'The Chocolate Room.' Owens has a place in his home where he can get away and relax. That room for Owens is The Chocolate Room, located in the basement of his 6 bedroom home in suburban Atlanta.

'That's where I escape,' said Owens. 'Everything is chocolate-colored and over-sized. Not many people go in that room.'

Owens is not kidding about limiting access to the room. You need to know the combination to get trough the door. Once inside it's extremely plush, from the sofas to the carpeting. With a stereo system and a plasma screen TV, he's got all the ingredients to chill out.

'The way I've set it up I never have to go out,' said Owens. 'We can have a good time right in my house.'

Along with the Chocolate Room, Owens home includes a fully loaded pool hall and an indoor basketball gymnasium. With pool tables, pin ball games, an air hockey table and an assortment of video games, it's safe to say there's a competitive nature in his home.

'It gets pretty competitive in my house,' he said. 'Whether we're playing basketball, dominoes or shooting pool, by the end of the night the loser's going to be doing pushups.' "

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